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Latest public release version v3.910 (updated 03 May 2024)

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Wavetool macOS Remote

Latest public release version v3.911 (updated 3 May 2024)

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Go to our BETA page where you can find previous releases and BETA versions. 

The latest Wavetool release version uses Metal instead of OpenGL for graphics. In case your computer is older than 2015, it might not support Metal. In this case, please use the previous versions 3.66 and 3.57 (macOS Remote). To check if you computer supports Metal, go to Apple menu -> About this Mac -> System report -> Graphics/Displays and see if Metal is supported.

The beta versions may contain bugs that are yet to be found or fixed so if you have any comments about how beta version works, please contact us at

Learn more about Wavetool by watching Wavetool Tutorials from Shure Inc. YouTube channel:

Wavetool Tutorials

Setup manual for Sound Devices A10-Rack with A10-RX, Wisycom MCR42 and Lectrosonics SRc