Wavetool V3

Wavetool - Latest public release version (V3.07) - Download

Wavetool Remote (V3.04) - Download (free)

iPad / iPhone Remote - iTunes Download (free)


You can find previous releases and beta versions at www.wavetool.fi/beta
Please use discretion when using a beta version of our software. The beta versions may contain bugs that are yet to be found or fixed.


Wavetool release notes

Wavetool macOS Remote release notes

Instruction manuals
Audio Limited A10-RACK (Not compatible with MacOS 10.14 at the moment)

Legacy reciver user manuals
EM3532 Wavetool Instruction (PDF 202KB)
EM3532 Wavetool Diagram (PDF 52KB)
EM1046 Wavetool Instruction (PDF 576KB)

The driver needed for the Brainboxes / SerialComm USB-Serial adapter won`t work out of the box with MacOS 10.14. If you are planning to use EM3532`s with a computer running MacOS Mojave 10.14. please contact us first at support@wavetool.fi for more instructions.

System examples and connection diagrams
Wavetool MADI diagram (PDF 51KB)
Wavetool MADI pictorial (PDF 1,8MB)

Wavetool Dante diagram (PDF 50 KB)
Wavetool Dante pictorial (PDF 1,1MB)

Wavetool Clients MADI pictorial diagram (PDF 2,3 MB)
Wavetool Clients pictorial diagram Dante (PDF 1,5 MB)