Wavetool Lite

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Wavetool Lite offers standard functions but is limited to 16 channels of audio monitoring. It is not possible to buy plugins to Wavetool Lite.

(Ask for upgrade pricing)

How to buy in-app plugins.

Wavetool Pro

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Wavetool Pro includes 64 channels of monitoring, amazing RF integration and free OS X and iOS software for remote control.

You can expand your Pro license with in-app plugin purchases.

Plugins in application

  • Snapshots, (+ VAT)
  • Chat, (+ VAT)
  • 128 Channels, (+ VAT)
  • Clients, (+ VAT)

Expand your system with a great toolset available as separate purchases inside Wavetool.

Wavetool Bundle

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Wavetool Bundle includes Chat, Snapshots and 128 channels Plugins for a very good price.

(Clients is not included)

Wavetool Platinum Bundle

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Wavetool Platinum Bundle includes all plugins and features of Wavetool as a permanent license.

This is for all you crazy Wavetool lovers out there!

Rental Licences

Buy 3 days of Wavetool Platinum

Buy 30 days of Wavetool Platinum

Buy 365 days of Wavetool Platinum

The rented version of Wavetool includes all plugins like in the Platinum Bundle. You couldn't possibly ask for more!

Please note: If you are ordering on behalf of a company in the EU, enter the company's VAT number and the VAT charges will be removed