Frequently asked questions

Q: Do I need Client plug-in to be able to view/ control OSX Wavetool from OSX / iOS Remote Client?
I want to do a setup with A2 using Wavetool and iPad remote plus FOH A1 wants to monitor what is going on as well.
A: No plugin needed. You`ll need a Client plug-in only when you want to have a multi-user setup with independent audio mixes, audio outputs and channel layout on OSX / iOS Remote Clients.

Q: Price of OSX Remote Client?
A: OSX Remote Client is free of charge just like iOS Remote Client. Downloads

Q: Do I need a Chat plug-in to enable chat between Wavetool and remotes?
A: Yes.

Q: Will there be a Wavetool version for Windows or Android devices?
A: No.

Q: I can`t connect to my wireless receiver with Wavetool?
A: Use unique channel names on you wireless devices. Also check the other settings: Make sure your computer network port and wireless receivers are in the same subnet. Turn off wifi for the setup. Start by using static IPs on both computer and wireless receivers to make troubleshooting easier. Remember to add your wireless receiver IPs to Wavetool`s Wireless IP List and choose the correct receiver model. After adding the IPs to the list, give Wavetool ten seconds to poll the receivers before opening CH I/O and Wireless Device drop down menu. Read more about wireless and ip settings

Q: I can see RF level of the receiver on Wavetool but battery status or active antenna info is missing?
A: Name your wireless receiver channels with unique names either from the receiver manufaturers own setup program or directly from the receiver front panel to let Wavetool detect the receiver channels correctly.

Q: Wavetool won`t start up?
A:OSX needs to be 10.10.5 or later and the computer needs to detect at least one audio device. Open Audio & Midi Setup of your computer to make sure you have i/o device installed. Mac Mini 2014 does not have built in i/o so you need to install a virtual sound card or a hardware sound card.

Q: My iOS iPad is looking really strange after connecting to Wavetool?
A: Make sure that if you are using Wavetool V2, you have also downloaded iOS Remote Client V2, as iOS Remote Client V1 does not work with Wavetool V2. Downloads

Q: Audio in Wavetool sounds strange / distorted?
A: First make sure that your Wavetool Audio Buffer Length is long enough for your audio device. Default is 128 samples which works well with most of the audio devices. If making buffer size greater does not help, please record your audio with software like Audacity, Reaper or Garage Band and verify that your audio is clean in the recording. If this is not the case, you probably have an issue with your audio chain / network.

Q: I can ́t find a link for plug-in purchase from Wavetool web shop?
A: All the plug-ins can be purchased directly from Wavetool V2, under Wavetool menu item.

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