"Wavetool has been crucial in the monitoring of the My Fair Lady tour 2016/2017. We have 42 channels of RF and having software you can monitor with both your eyes and ears is just a less stressful way than plugging in and out of receivers. Wavetool is such a nice piece of software to have in your kit."

- A2 for My Fair Lady -production, AL Bremner


What is Wavetool?

Wavetool is a professional audio monitoring application for audio engineers. With Wavetool can you quickly find microphones with problems, low battery or no signal. Walk freely around the stage while streaming to your iOS device with the Wavetool Remote app.

Version 2 of Wavetool brings the tools of the sound team together in one application. The SCP algorithm helps you find weird noises in your sources before they can be heard in the mix.

Wavetool brings monitoring functions of different radio microphone brands together under one roof with integration of the most used RF receivers. Togehter with the Chat Plugin can you now communicate tranmitter problems between stage and FOH easier than ever!


Why did we create Wavetool?

We have been in your shoes with lots of signals going in different directions and no room for error. All microphones must work at all times. You need to rush away from your monitor desk or RF city in order to catch an actor with a broken microphone engaged in a quick change on the opposite end of the stage. When the hands are on the console you need an easy way to communicate your needs to your A2.

We created the tool that we ourselves needed in order to do our job. Wavetool uses an easy iOS app remote to help you to route the right audio channels to your IEM cue. In addition, Wavetool also highlights potentially problematic channels using our own SCP algorithm. With version 2 there is even more enhancements added with chat and snapshot functions. Continue to our Features page to know more!


 Wavetool FEATURES!

  • Intuitive audio source and wireless mic monitoring
  • Ultra Low Software Latency (starting at 1,3ms @96kHz & 2,6ms @48kHz)
  • Free OS X software and iOS app for remote control. And YES it is possible to control Wavetool Pro without the extra Clients plugin.  
  • Audio streaming over WiFi to iOS app remote controls
  • Snap, Crackle & Pop algorithm catches broken mics before you do
  • Freely configurable Channel I/O and input patch
  • Channel View window with 2 min history of audio level and both RF antennas. Also Player profile with picture and notes
  • Alerts for peaks, SCP, silence, wireless receiver battery and low RF with adjustable thresholds.
  • Alert Log written to text file
  • Lock application for privacy
  • Channel groups with adjustable colors

Features available as in-app plugin purchase

  • Chat. Add chat to Wavetool and communicate between all connected remotes. And set up our user configurable macros for instant messages .  You can chat between Wavetool and remotes without the extra Clients plugin.
  • Snapshots. Change channel Group membership with manual or MIDI triggers. Example use is "On Stage" & "Up Next" groups that help the A2 audio tech to track the actors on a scene to scene basis.
  • 128 channels. distributed between A & B Panels 
  • Clients. Connect the audio to one computer and make up to 4 different input layouts and audio mixes for OS X and iOS clients

Support for wireless receivers include

  • Shure
    • ULXD, UHF-R, Axient and Axient Digital (NEW!)
  • Sennheiser
    • EM3732-II, G3, 2000, D6000 (NEW!)
    • EM3532, EM1046 (NEW!), please check documentation .
  • Sony
    • DWX
  • Wisycom
    • MRK-950 / MRK-960
  • Lectrosonics
    • Venue 2
  • More receivers coming soon!